The Melville Urban Farm

Food security is the most important aspect for any community. As a community we need to take care of each other – especially our most vulnerable. The Melville Farm  is a concept which stems from a successful food garden project currently running in Somerset West, Cape Town. The farm is run and worked by volunteers from the community, giving the destitute an opportunity to work for tokens exchangeable for food or clothing through a local network of shelters. It will not only feed our poorer brothers and sisters, but will be able to supply the local restaurants and community with a weekly farmers market.

A well-organised garden with rosters, staff, schedules, compost systems, worm farm will ensure that there will be an organogram of team leaders and part-time employees. If you have experience and a passion for community gardening, please join me. My name is Sian and I want to get this project off the ground. Based on the existing blueprint to a sustainable food program, I believe that we can make this work.  Who wants to join me?

Contact Sian +27 83 651 6772