The Melville Virtual Concert

Melville Massive

Melville Massive is a cultural explosion which comes to you! With social distancing, music festivals are brought to through live streaming into your living room. With the likes of  Kgafela le Marabele and the likes, my company SODA studios will create memorable experiences for you, your family and friends to just let the stresses melt away with great locally produced music. As the Lockdown allows we look forward to hosting more physical live events in the streets and public spaces. If you love music and entertainment, then join me, Michael. I am looking forward to working with volunteers to co-produces these memorable events!

Melville Virtual concerts will be needed for the community. We plan to hold a concert with performances from incredible artists who live in Melville or who’ve lived here before. There’s a massive emotional connection with our little neighbourhood form around the world. And we plan to create an incredible online experience.

My name is Michael Balkin and I am an Creativ and I am looking for neighbours in the industry to work with me on this production. I have most of the infrastructure and technology. If you are a production manager, producer, event manager or any expertise in this field- join me for this exciting project!

Contact Mike via WhatsApp on +27 72 155 5090