The 7th Street Initiative

Initiative name: The Seventh Street Initiative

Initiative structure: could be NGO, or a department/project of Melville Creative (MC being a company or NGO)

Initiative location: Melville, Johannesburg

Date established: 2019.03.25

Initiative owner: The initiative is owned by Melville Creative and managed by a core team of volunteers from the Melville community, selected collectively by the core team.



Services: Community organization, event planning, management and implementation, urban planning.

Experience: Education, arts, culture, events, architecture, urban design, community engagement and project management.


Vision Statement:

  • To improve the social and economic inclusiveness of 7th Street in Melville.
  • To support the arts, culture and business networks in Melville and the city.
  • To improve the quality of street spaces for all types of pedestrians.
  • To develop and preserve the social/cultural and heritage legacy of 7th Street into a unique tourist and community attraction within the Johannesburg Metropolitan Area.
  • These aspects are to be developed through the implementation of both sociable permanent urban infrastructure and temporary arts and culture events orientated towards families. 

Short term goals:

  • To introduce the vision bi-annually through events and temporary urban infrastructure modifications, such as street closure, in order to simulate the vision in real-time to test the potential for the permanent implementation of the vision 

Long term goals:

  • To maintain the vision through 4 yearly events in 7th Street
  • To implement the permanent pedestrianization of 7th Street